CIDAN History

CIDAN Machinery has been manufacturing machines since 1907 becoming a well-established leader within the sheet metal machinery industry. CIDAN’s history started with the founding of Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad in Götene, Sweden in 1907. The company has now expanded to multiple parts of the world including Denmark, North America and Asia. Specializing and attention to detail in sheet metal machinery from the very beginning, has brought tremendous success to CIDAN ever since.

In 1954, CIDAN Machinery A/S was founded in the neighboring country of Denmark. Business continued to grow that in 1993 the company acquired Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad as its subsidiary.

The first expansion outside of Europe occurred in 2007 when CIDAN Machinery Inc was founded south of Atlanta in Peachtree City, GA. This location has since become sales and support covering the entire North and South American continents.

With the success CIDAN was experiencing, new markets presented new opportunity. In 2012 CIDAN Machinery Trading Shanghai opened in Shanghai. Similar to CIDAN Machinery Inc, this location has become the sale and support location representing the Asia continent.

All CIDAN machine concepts are based on internal research and development. To this day production of all CIDAN machines remain in Gotene, Sweden with spare parts and stock machines readily available at other locations to provide quicker delivery time to customers.  


1907 Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad is founded in Sweden

1947 First shear is produced

1954 CIDAN is founded in Denmark

1979 Power Folder K15 is introduced

1984 Power Folder K25 is introduced

1987 Combi Beam invention

1993 CIDAN A/S acquires Göteneds Mekaniska

1995 Power Folder KM is introduced

1996 Power Folder KMP is introduced

2000 Power Folder Pro is introduced

2002 Power Folder Prolino is introduced

2004 Power Folder Futura introduced

2006 Power Folder Futura Plus & Power Folder MegaPro are introduced

2007 CIDAN Machinery Inc., USA is established & Göteneds Mekaniska has 100 year anniversary

2009 Production in Denmark is moved to Sweden; name changed to Petersen Machinery in DK & SE

2010 Power Folder KMS is introduced

2012 Shear Rapido and decoiler Rotocoil are introduced. CIDAN Machinery Trading Shanghai is founded

2013 CIDAN Machinery Americas is created as sales area for CMI.
CIDAN Machinery is the company name to be used globally instead of Petersen Machinery