QZ36 Rollformer

The QZ36 Rollformer is one of the most robust, heavy built rollformer on the market. 20 stations with a 3.375 (85mm) solid-keyed shafts make a stable panel for years to come.  Corrugated, PBR and AG Panel are the most common profile options however custom profile panels are available upon request.

  • Infeed has hardened roller bearing guides that ensures the material guides perfectly into the roll stations.
  • Front Rotary Cut allows the customer to not waste material after finishing a job.
  • 20 Tool Stations help form the Profile Panel on the QZ36 rollformer.
  • The encoder features a wheel that sits on top of the panel passing through the machine. The tension spring allows constant contact of the encoder with the coil for consistent and accurate lengths.
  • The hydraulic Post Shear is guided by 4 bearing shafts for burr free cutting of the panel. The post shear enables cuts of 4” (100mm) long panels to 60’ (18.3m).
  • AMK Control allows you to program up to 50 lines with different quantities and lengths. The control features a “material savings” mode which automatically stops the machine, engages the front rotary cut and then moves forward to cut the pieces to length at the post rear shear.