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K25 Series

CIDAN Machinery’s K25 folding machine is a fast and easy to use machine made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with cast iron side frames for stability. This machine covers a wide range of uses and is appropriate for the manufacturing industry, repair workshops, sheet-metal shops, roofing and sign manufacturers. Both the folding beam and clamping beam have twin drives.

Type: Folder    Lengths: 100’, 122’ or 159’    

Capacity*: 14 gauge, 0.125 aluminum

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*Machine is rated at 100% full duty cycle in mild steel at 122” length


CIDAN's model FORMA is a diverse machine that embodies strength, flexability, speed and ease of use.  The Prolink touch screen control offers user friendly programing forall applications.  With different backguage configurations and the movable foot switch, the FORMA machine allows one operator to run 11 gauge mild steel parts up to 161" in length.

Type: Folder    Lengths: 102”, 122” or 161”    

Capacity*: 11 gauge, 0.177 aluminum

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*Machine is rated at 100% full duty cycle in mild steel at 122” in length


The CIDAN Rapido shear is a heavy built mechanical shear that will cut material thicknesses from minimum to maximum without any settings at all. The shear has several features as standard with a wide range of options such as different back gauge systems and sheet handling systems.

Type: Shear    Lengths: 100’ or 122’    

Capacity*: 13 gauge

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*Machine is rated in mild steel, click on more info for other material capacities.


The CIDAN EVO Shear is the strongest mechanical guillotine shear in the CIDAN shear line. The EVO is supplied with blade gap adjustment as a standard feature. The blade gapadjustment makes it possible to achieve the best cutting result with different materials and material thicknesses. 

Type: Shear    Lengths: 100”, 122” or 159”    

Capacity*: 9 gauge

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*Machine is rated in mild steel at 122” in length


The V-Groove machine enables a customer to form sharp corners on mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.  The V-Groove can machine upto 2/3 of the thickness of the metal

Type: V-Groove    Lengths: 10’6” to 32’              

Capacity: 11 gauge to 1/4”

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