K15 Series

CIDAN folding machine model K15 is extremely quick and easy to use, built in a sturdy all-welded construction with cast iron legs. The K15 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. The machine is adapted for all types of folding of thinner materials.

An eccentric that minimizes wear and gives the best possible opening and closing speeds drives the clamping beam. This also gives the best possible clamping pressure. The clamping beam opens as the folding beam returns so that they are positioned for the next step simultaneously.



Standard Features
  • ProLink control, with touch screen and graphic programming
  • SBG 40" backgauge with 3 rows of 14 gauging fingers
  • Folding beam rails .275" (7mm), .396"(10mm) and .787" (20mm) equiped with bayonet quick change tooling
  • Tooling is made from 42CrMo4 steel, and coated with black oxide to prevent rust
  • Adjustable crowning of folding beam rail.
  • Material thickness sensing on clamping beam
  • Eccentric clamping deam drive
  • Speed optimization-when folding beam comes down to 80 degrees, upper beam starts to come up
  • Solid lower beam, so when hemming you will not leave dimples on the part
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty
Optional Features
  • Hardened standard tooling for 100% stainless application (HRC 45)
  • Squaring arm for long narrow parts. (61" and 118")
  • Offline Software
  • Saftey Laser Light
  • Ball Casters on backgauge for ease of movement for heavier materials
  • Movable footswitch on rail
  • Solid Front Fingers on backgauge
  • Extra Footswitch for rear operation
  • Folding beam widths of .393" (10mm), and .787"(20mm)
  • Custom tooling for applications requireing large radius work, more workspace clearence, etc.


Folding Length

Folding Capacity




mm (")

Steel mm (ga)

Stainless steel mm (ga) Aluminium  mm (")

Length x Width x Height mm (")

kg (Ibs)


2550 (100)

1.75 (15)

1.10 (19) 2.6 (0.102)

3530x1595x1590 (139x63x63)

2055 (4,521)


3100 (122)

1.50 (16)

0.90 (20) 2.20 (0.090)

4030x1595x1590 (159x63x63)

2370 (5,241)