CIDAN’s robust PRO Z model is foremost for folding complex profiles and heavy material. PRO Z folds both up and down to eliminate the need for an operator to flip the material. This provides excellent opportunities for time-efficient folding of complex parts with one operator. While designing the PRO Z, CIDAN had three priorities, safety, speed, and flexibility. With the capacity to fold both directions and the machine’s wide range of movement, our engineers were able to achieve all three priorities.

The machine folds both upward and downwards and minimize the need for the operator to flip over material in the manufacture. This, combined with shared tools in both folding beam and upper beam provides excellent opportunities for time-saving and effective folding of complex parts with only one operator. Tool changes can now be made even faster thanks to the auto-locking, the built-in tool storage as well as the new tool layout in the updated control system, ProLink Z. A newly developed construction of the folding beam, automatic folding center and sheet thickness adjustment provides superior folding quality in all thicknesses without requiring crowning

PRO Z can also be equipped with our patented eccentric OEDPAT PENDING which provides the same high clamping pressure and capacity regardless of the selected tool height while maintaining maximum opening height. PRO Z fits well with our philosophy regarding low environmental impact when the machine has low energy consumption, low noise level and is designed for maximum flexibility and security.