CIDAN Machinery – Americas was born in 2007 in a suburb nestled to the south of Atlanta, GA called Peachtree City. Now, that would make us a fairly young company. But our real story begins exactly 100 years prior in Göteneds Mekaniska Verkstad in Götene, Sweden. That’s pronounced “goot-en-eds”.

For a more in-depth look at our long-lasting legacy, read more about our history.

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Global Experience That Matters

Our parent company was born, raised, and still resides in Götene,Sweden. Since our birth in 2007, we have been given the great honor of serving both North and South America. We have a sister company in Shanghai that services the entire continent of Asia, and that’s a lot of continent!

So, when we say “worldwide,” we don’t mean that people may have heard of us around the world. We mean that we ARE around the world and service the whole thing.

High-Quality, Innovative Sheet Metal Machinery

Back in 1907, our founders perfected the recipe for machines that outlast the competition. Just like the Swiss watches, our Swiss crafted machines continuously set and then exceed the standard for what sheet metal machinery should be. While we continuously improve that recipe, without losing our successful heritage, we also have our sights set on the next generation.

The next generation of us

We were the first to make the move from environmentally detrimental systems that use oils and hydraulics to adapt a pneumatic process. We have spent an inordinate amount of time and money creating machines that reduce wasted materials and byproduct and sound contamination. We at CIDAN Machinery believe that the next generation deserves that we look forward and innovate with them in our minds and our hearts.

The next generation of machines

As times and technology changes, we invest in the research and development that it takes to stay ahead of the curve. Constantly adapting to market, technological, and industry direction, we don’t just keep our eyes on the trends, we set them. Whether its decreasing setup, tool changing, or programming time or inventing, innovating, or perfecting the automation process, we always stay on the cutting-edge without ever sacrificing our century old priorities – safety, speed, and flexibility.

Industry Leading Service and Support

Since we have been making the best machines for 110 years, we have had some time to really build in other areas as well. When you make the right choice, and buy a CIDAN Machine, you are really, essentially buying a business partner. Our success is wholly and completely intertwined with yours. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of the machines you buy from us and make ourselves available to you for all of your questions, comments, and concerns.

Since we understand that our machines are only a cog in your overall machine, we will take our 110 years’ worth of knowledge and experience and help you maximize your layout and optimize your workflow to achieve the best possible output. Don’t worry, just like our machines, our advice is customizable to fit your unique needs.

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Providing more products through global partnerships

Over the last century, we have seen sheet metal machinery companies (and the warranties that come with their products) come and go pretty frequently. During that time, we have had our eyes on some of the competition that rises above and outlasts the rest with cutting edge innovations, superb craftsmanship, and, most importantly, machines that last. In our quest to bring the absolute best products and customer service to our customers, there have been a select few that we have chosen to partner with.

THALMANN Maschinenbau AG

Founded by Otto Thalmann in 1948, Thalmann has expanded to become a major mechanical engineering company with trendsetting ideas in the sheet metal working sector.


Forstner has been developing and manufacturing machines for professional processing of coils since 1960.


Dimos, founded in 1977, has the expertise and quality products that are widely recognized for combining traditional and advanced techniques.

New Tech Machinery Corp.

New Tech Machinery, founded in 1991, manufactures the most sought-after portable rollforming equipment in the industry.


nuIT, founded in 2009, creates software products that set new standards in the field of fine metal processing.