K15-30 (2017)

The CIDAN K15 automated metal folding machine is easy to program, fast to run, and folds flawlessly. Built in a sturdy, all-welded construction with cast iron legs, the K15 metal folder is made for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. If you’re looking for a reliable machine adapted for folding all types of thinner materials, look no further than the K15.

The eccentric is finely-tuned to minimize wear and maximize the transfer of momentum. This results in best-possible clamping pressure and eliminates lag time in the process – saving power, time, and money.

  • Crowning adjustment as standard always gives the perfect folding result
  • Two folding beam rails with width 7/10 mm (0.28″/0.39″) and 20 mm (0.79″) as standard
  • Fast, reliable, and user-friendly