The CIDAN K15 metal folding and bending machine is quick and easy to use – just program the control system and run. Built in a sturdy all-welded construction with cast iron legs, the K15 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. This metal folding machine is adapted for all types of folding including thinner materials.

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The CIDAN K25 metal folding and bending machine is reliable and efficient. Made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with cast iron side frames for stability, this machine covers a wide range of uses suitable for metal roofing, sign manufacturers, and more.

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CIDAN FORMA Power Folder

CIDAN’s model FORMA is a diverse machine that embodies strength, flexibility, speed and ease of use. The PROLINK touch screen control offers user friendly programing for all applications. With different backguage configurations and the movable foot switch, the FORMA machine allows one operator to run 11-gauge mild steel parts up to 161″ in length.

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With a fast tool change over and accuracy of the dual drive folding beam, the PROLINO is a great compliment to the flow of your entire shop. Fold complex profiles and large panels with high precision, increased flexibility and productivity. PROLINO has what you need for large industrial applications.



The PRO model of CIDAN’s power metal folder is the full package. With 100% duty cycle of forming 9ga at 122″, it is possible to replace two operators with one and still produce parts up to four times faster and with better accuracy compared to a press brake.

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CIDAN’S robust PRO Z is a highly rated up-down metal folding machine for industrial applications. This metal folding machine is foremost for folding complex profiles and heavy material. PRO Z eliminates the need for an operator to flip the material providing opportunities for increased time efficiency.

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The CIDAN MEGAPRO metal folding machine has many intelligent functions like automatic adjustment of sheet thickness, folding center, and crowning. MEGAPRO also has an automatic tool locking-system as a standard feature.


CIDAN RAPIDO Sheet Metal Shear

The CIDAN RAPIDO is an electrical guillotine shear that works fully independent of oil or hydraulics and offers manual use of the hand wheel system, drive system with eccentrics and pull-down rod, and standard squaring arm and table extension for multiple sheets.

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CIDAN EVO Sheet Metal Shear

The CIDAN EVO shear is the strongest of our line of mechanical guillotine shears providing low-noise gear motor, single or continuous stroke control, double edged blades, and finger protection.

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Thalmann TZ Long Folder

The Thalmann TZ long folder offers the VFD design principle, control shaft technology, newly designed clamping and offset beams, dynamic crowning system, and the brand new longitudinal slitter.

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Thalmann TD Double Folder

The Thalmann TD double folder offers tool and offset folding beam geometry, kinetic control shaft, and remote maintenance using TeamViewer software.

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Thalmann TC Double Folder

The Thalmann TC double folder, or “Big Mama”, offers the VFD Design principle, offset folding beam geometry, fully-automatic gripper system, DFT drive, and multi-zone folding beam crowning.

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Forstner MST Cut to Length Line

The FORSTNER MST series are massive all-in-one slitting and cut-to-length systems featuring deflection rollers, manually adjustable coil guidance, and five pairs of manually adjustable steel knives.

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CIDAN COMPACT Cut to Length Line

The CIDAN COMPACT cut-to-length is fully automatic with a compact construction for coil widths 1250 mm (49″) and 1550 mm (61″) featuring five rolls done by motorized mechanical shear, LineLink CNC control with color touchscreen, and much more.

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Forstner KA6 Cut to Length Line

The Forstner KA6 cut to length line features fully rubberized pinch infeed roller guide with four bearings, electronic eye, encoder, straightening rollers, and five sets of slitting knives.

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CIDAN PROFI Cut to Length Line

The CIDAN PROFI cut-to-length is available in five different configurations and made for coil widths 1250 mm (49″) and 1550 mm (61″) and comes standard with heavy-duty side frames, mechanical shear designed specifically for the cut-to-length process, and many optional features.

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Forstner KA6-110 Cut to Length Line

The FORSTNER KA6-110 features an AMK 6” color control, raising and lowering slitting shaft, 12ga capacity guillotine sheer, five sets of slitting knives with blade cover, encoder with rubberized wheel, and an infeed guide adjustment.

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CIDAN TURBO Cut to Length Line

The CIDAN TURBO cut-to-length is fully automatic and constructed for coil widths 1250 mm (49″) and 1550 mm (61″) featuring 50 mm heavy duty side frames, gear driven rolls dimensioned for high production, two sets of feeding rolls, and much more.

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CIDAN QXS16 Decoiler

The CIDAN QXS16 is a fully hydraulic powered decoiler that comes in four different models. This large capacity decoiler is used by hundreds of customers in North America alone!

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Forstner AUG5000 Recoiler

The Forstner AUG5000 is the heaviest recoiler we offer. With a capacity of up to 16-gauge mild steel, this recoiler cuts…

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