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Built-in storage cabinets

Keep your tooling parts in one organized space and make tool changes even faster. Your tooling is just an arm’s length away with these built-in storage cabinets.

built in storage cabinets PRO Z metal folding machine - CIDAN Machinery Americas


Height Adjustable Back Gauge

The back gauge table is often the single most important item when investing in a power folder. It can save businesses time and money if the system is flexible and fully incorporated with a control system.

Our versatile AGS back gauge table is available with motorized adjustable height. With the height adjustable back gauge, a U-Shaped base unit comes standard which spans over the length of the machine and has a depth of 1550/1050/1550 mm (61/41.3/61″). Add different modules to the right, left or in the middle, up to a total depth of 4300 mm (169″).

The CNC control ProLink X guarantees that the back gauge table automatically adjusts and moves when you reach the next step in the sequence. Height adjustable back gauge requires multifold execution.

height adjustable back gauge - CIDAN Machinery Americas

AGS Accurate Gauging System - CIDAN Machinery Americas


Combi Beam Tool Changer

The Combi beam offers flexibility like no other tooling system. With a simple rotation of the upper beam, you can switch between the straight rail and box tooling in a matter of seconds. This gives the ability to form a larger variety of parts with little or no tool changing.

Advantages of the Combi beam

  • Quick tool changes
  • Large space around the tools
  • Increased flexibility
  • Same opening height regardless of tool selection

Learn more about the Combi beam

Combi beam tool changer- CIDAN Machinery

Combi beam tool changer rotating diagram - CIDAN Machinery Americas


Up/down bending & forming

With the Up-Down folding feature, this machine eliminates the need for an operator to flip materials with low energy consumption and noise level. Short cycle times, precision flange dimensions and angles, high levels of productivity and low costs per part guarantee a quick payback of the investment.

Our up/down folders with optional features make them the most flexible and unique machines in the market. Equip the PRO Z with vacuum tables to help create more automation in your forming department.

Advantages of up/down bending & forming

  • No part flipping required
  • Fast folding sequences of complex details with one operator
  • Maximum flexibility with automatic tool locking


PRO Z up down sheet metal folder folding beam lower position - CIDAN Machinery Americas
Folding beam in lower position before clamping.
PRO Z up down sheet metal folder folding beam upper position - CIDAN Machinery Americas
Folding beam in upper position before clamping.

Optimal Eccentric Drive OED (patent pending)

Our optimal eccentric drive of the clamping beam concept gives the best possible opening and closing speeds, eliminates wear, and creates a very high clamping pressure — a great advantage when hemming. OED maintains the 9ga capacity regardless of tool height up to 11.87″.

Advantages of the OED

  • High clamping pressure
  • Low maintenance
  • No oil
  • Low noise

Optimal Eccentric Drive - CIDAN Machinery Americas

The CIDAN PRO Z metal folder sits at the top of its class in folding complex profiles and heavy material. Folding both up and down, this machine eliminates the need for an operator to flip their material, providing time-efficient folding of complex parts for just one operator. Our newly-developed folding beam, automatic folding center and sheet thickness adjustment provides superior folding quality in all thicknesses without crowning. With auto-locking, tool changes can now be made even faster and the control system has been updated to the ProLink W.

The CIDAN PRO Z Metal Folder

The PRO Z metal folder can also be equipped with our eccentric OED, which provides the same high clamping pressure and capacity regardless of the selected tool height while maintaining maximum opening height. While designing the new PRO Z metal folder, our engineers utilized the ability to fold in both directions and a wide range of movement to achieve the three priorities CIDAN has been known for, safety, speed, and flexibility.

  • Folds upwards and downwards, no need to flip the material.
  • 150 mm movement of folding beam, to move outside of material on folding side.
  • Tooling in two different shapes and three different heights; one shape suitable for folding side operation
  • Comes as standard with Combi upper beam, CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center adjustment.
  • The folding beam can be used as front gauge up to 150 mm.
  • The PRO Z can be equipped with our Optimal Eccentric Drive OED (patent pending) for maximum clamping power regardless of tool height and sheet thickness.

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Model Folding Length Folding Capacity Machine Dimensions Weight
  ” (mm)  Mild Steel
ga (mm)
Stainless Steel
ga (mm)
” (mm)
Length Width Height lbs (kg)
PRO Z 30 126″
9 ga
12 ga
26,124 lbs
PRO Z 40 161″
11 ga
14 ga
 30,820 lbs
  • Fixed eccentric drive
  • Control System ProLink W with touch screen and graphic programming
  • CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center
  • Automatic lock of high divided and folding beam tools
  • Enclosure with integrated tool storage on one side and roof
  • LED light on 2 sides
  • Straight rail 30°, straight S1 shape is included
  • Multifold execution lower beam (w/out tooling)

Optimal Eccentric Drive for maximum clamping pressure and capacity regardless of tool height and sheet thickness.
Optimal Eccentric Drive - CIDAN Machinery Americas

Automatic lubrication in lieu of standard grease fittings. Automatic lubrication is suitable together with robot solution or around the clock operation.

High divided tool for upper beam available in two different shapes and with clearance of 6.85″ (174 mm), 8.85″ (225 mm) and 10.86″ (276 mm) with matching lower beam tooling.
Box Tooling Option - Sheet Metal Folder - CIDAN Machinery Americas

Includes extra foot pedal on rail, key switch and light guard on folding side. J-shaped high divided tools recommended. 

With the offline-software option on ProLink W, programming can be completed in the office away from the machine.

The PRO integrates with AutoPol 3D. You can unfold 3D part files and send to ProLink Offline Software. AutoPol 3D is compatible with multiple 3D softwares including AutoCad, Inventor, SolidWorks, etc. With AutoPol 3D and ProLink W integration, CIDAN gives the ability to automate the adjustment of your blank sizes with the correct bend allowances taken directly from the machine. This helps achieve maximum efficiency, one step closer to making your production a first part, good part factory.

PROLINK X Offline Software - CIDAN Machinery Americas

Multiple outputs avaliable for automation and integration to other machinery and components. More information avaliable upon request.
ProLink W Software by CIDAN Machinery

Ability to integrate with different automation. Our team will work with you on your end goal and help assist with any software integration

Extra foot switch available for rear operation.
Footpedal on CIDAN Pro

Safely store the divided tooling for your CIDAN folder. The tool cart is recommended to decrease the risk of damaging tools and misplacing tools during tool changing. It is possible to store divided rails on the cart and there is room for hand tools for the operators and machine instruction manual. The cart is equipped with lockable wheels and pull handles. Especially recommended if the machine is equipped with the Multifold tooling system.
Tool Cart Option - Sheet Metal Folder - CIDAN Machinery Americas