CIDAN Machinery offers an extensive line of sheet metal folders and machines for every aspect of sheet metal fabrication from bending to rolling, cutting, and forming metal. We have the technology, innovation and state-of-the-art equipment needed to take your sheet metal fabrication to the next level.

Fabrication is one of the most hands-on parts of the manufacturing process. From basic flashings to aerospace, our sheet metal fabrication tools help create the world around us, so we purposefully designed our metal fabricating machinery to continuously improve upon our proven method.

Our machinery keeps the fabricator and their products in mind. We see our success intertwined with yours.

Our founders perfected the machinery processes. Our machines continuously set and exceed the standard for what sheet metal machinery should be. With over 110 years in the sheet metal machinery industry, we are experts in our field. CIDAN Machinery’s sales, installation and support staff can help you with your shop layout, fulfilling orders, optimizing processes and more.

Our machinery accommodates commercial, industrial and structural projects. You can investigate each of our options, or we offer a configuration measuring system to determine the machine to best fit your needs.

Each machine has a specialization in some of the most common fabrication processes: cutting, folding and shearing. Each machine can handle common materials like aluminum, brass, copper, gold, nickel, silver, magnesium and titanium. Need to add stainless, zinc and various grades of steel.

Machines Your Business Needs

Sheet metal machinery cuts, bends, burns, welds, and assembles metals into what your business needs. Maximizing our over 110 years of experience in the sheet metal machinery field, we developed Swedish technology, exclusive to our company, to create the example for sheet metal fabrication tools. Our machinery has a reputation of lasting longer in the field and performing better than many other brands.

Our exclusive Swedish technology and craftsmanship goes into each machine, and you will see our experience in the look and functionality of your metal products. We work on continuously improving our process in order to uphold our success heritage and to uplift the next generation.

While we have a presence around the world, our research, development, and production of CIDAN products continues to be conducted at our head office in Sweden.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of the machines you buy from us and make ourselves available to you for all of your questions, comments, and concerns. We work with you to map out the most productive layout in your workspace.

Machinery Caring for the Environment

At CIDAN, we don’t adapt to trends, we set them.

As a recognized industry leader, we know our products make a difference. While our machines retain a focus on efficiency and ease of use for the fabricator, we don’t neglect the environmental impact of our machines. We have taken the time to make environmentally clean machinery. We were the first to make the move from environmentally detrimental systems that use oils and hydraulics to adapt an electric process. Our metal fabricating machinery produces less waste, byproducts, and sound contamination.