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NuEVOLUTION is what happens when you combine expertise in information technology (IT), automation, and metal trim production. They truly provide our increasingly modernized industry with state-of-the-art solutions. When you combine the superior craftsmanship of our machines with NuIT, your business can evolve from a production floor to an “intelligent factory.”


NuIT provides tools and services that range from practically simple, like the company-wide networking, to almost futuristic, like the innovative web-based drawing surface where profiles can be drawn on the fly, calculated, and sent to production all in real time. The Smart Production facilitates machine to machine communication where orders can be combined and the amount of scrap reduced significantly.


NuIT’s Intelligent Management System (IMS), the books become a breeze as the IMS provides real-time, relevant information between divisions or just across your “intelligent factory” floor. Whether its materials management, labeling, analysis, document management, or the logistics behind day to day planning (to include SMS status updates to your customers), the IMS has you covered.


  • True-to-Detail configuration of metal trims in real time from anywhere
  • Special processing – 3D assistant for conical processing
  • Profile Administration – Saving profiles (inclusive of administration of folders)
  • Web-Based & independent of platform (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Multilingual, international measurement and currency units


  • Direct machine networking for automated transfer of data to the respective production unit
  • Sending production data to coil systems and bending machines
  • Waste and cutting optimization: combination of multiple orders
  • Production calendar for capacity and resource planning, individual approval of production orders
  • IMS – Intelligent Management System
    • User administration – determining user authorization by administrator, inclusive of 50 user accounts
    • Administration of materials – entering materials and material properties
    • Administration of articles – entering articles and accessories, manually or by importing a CSV interface
    • Administration of orders – status overview of internal orders and combination of multiple orders for cutting optimization, subsequent adjustment of orders received
    • Automated configuration of:
      • Order overview
      • Detailed view of production
      • Internal delivery note
      • Automated status information mails
    • Additional module:
      • Text-message service – automated status messages for mobile phones

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