ProLink W Software by CIDAN Machinery

What is ProLink?

ProLink W is our latest user-friendly programmable Prolink CNC control system designed add new functions to your production. It can produce perfect parts efficiently and safely, even for an unskilled operator.

ProLink W is a Windows based touch screen control with a 18.5” color monitor. With its large screen and easy navigation, this control system is easy to understand and learn. Interactive graphic pictures show the operator instructions on how to flip parts making it simple to accurately produce complicated details.

ProLink Features

Automatic Folding & Collision Detection

The latest version of ProLink features an Automatic Folding Sequence (AFS) function with collision detection to help the operator confirm that a profile is possible and helps determine the optimal folding sequence. Valid tools and rails can easily be selected for different views and collision detection with the tool setup and tool width calculation feature.

Machine to Profile Interfacing

ProLink W automatically calculates cut size and creates a program where the finished part is shown with its actual folding sequence. Every program and be saved with a graphical icon with name and information. If the machine is equipped with such features the ProLink may also control adjustment of sheet thickness, crowning of folding beam rail, adjustment of folding center, and Combi Beam rotation.

Remote Offline Programming

Programs for off line programming are available so that folding programs can be prepared on an external PC instead of having to do the programming on the machine itself. Finished programs may then be transferred to the machine via networks or USB.

DXF Importing Capable

ProLink is now available with DXF importation feature. A DXF file can be exported straight from a USB or by networking ProLink with the offline software package. This feature streamlines importing parts into the machine resulting in less time on the control and more time forming.

Adjustable Screen

The touch screen is mounted on a pendant arm that can be rotated for optimal viewing. It is also possible to turn the screen to the gauging side of the machine when folding large details.

Which machines have ProLink?

In North America, the ProLink W control system is equipped as standard on all CIDAN folding machines.

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How to Use ProLink

  • Find a detail in the library similar to what you need and use the drawing to create your own detail
  • Use the drawing program and create your own profile
  • Use the Line-By-Line programming alternative to set angles and dimensions
  • Automatically calculate folding sequence and detect collisions
  • See the folding sequence and watch how to handle the material